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City Location
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Shaoxing is situated in the southeast coast of China,and in the central and northern part of Zhejiang Province.It is only 230 km from Shanghai to the south,60 km from Hangzhou to the east, and 128 km from Ningbo to the west. The Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport is only 30 km away from downtown Shaoxing.
Shaoxing is located on the south bank of the estuary of the Qiantang River, the western part of the Ning-Shao Plain, connected with Guiji Hill in the south, where ridges and peaks are rising and falling, and bordering the blue and vast Hangzhou Bay inthe north. Various landforms of hilly area, basin, plain, beach and so on form the characteristics of the natural landscape that hills are green and waters clear. On the way of Shanyin with Mirror Lake as typical scency, there is a crisscross net work of rivers ans lakes scattered all over like stars in the sky or men on a chessboard, the river network density being so high, a length of 2.4 kilometers per square kilometer. Distributed in the water network, the fields, villages, farmers'houses, as well as the towpaths beside rivers, fishing huts in rivers, black awning-boats on waters, small wayside pavilions are so idyllic. Stone arch-bridges can be seen everyehere. Some of them are like rainbows over waters, and some are like Jiaolong (Jiaolong, a Chinese imaginary auspicious animal, i.e., a dragon living in waters) jumping into pools. The more that can be seen are small bridges, flowing waters and households. Such artistic conception shows that "This is a good place where each village is a picture album and poem materials are spread all over".
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China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shaoxing Branch / CCOIC Shaoxing Chamber of International Commerce
Address:Human Resources and Social Insurance Building, Qudun Road 368, Jinghu New District,Shaoxing,Zhejiang, China 312000
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