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Living Environment
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Education Atmosphere
  A public awareness of education and long tradition in running schools makes Shaoxing the home of so many well-known people generation after generation. They include politicians, ideologists, literature masters, scientists and artists . Fifty-eight present academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering are from Shaoxing. The city has currently 5,632 schools of different kinds, in which over 1,127 million students are studying. Foreign investors are given convenience to have their children study in kindergartens and schools.
Eavironmental Protection
  Both the city government and the citizens pay a top attention to environmental protection in both rural and urban areas by undertaking an ecological construction and protection themed at blue sky, clear water and green land, The campaign includes improving green coverage, cleaning-up the moat river, placing garbage in plastic bags for treatment ,effectively control air and noise pollution ,to provide a clean living environment for the citizens.
Social Order
  Shaoxing has a highly developed economy and peaceful honest folkway. The city government undertakes a peaceful and orderly communitycampaign to maintain a good public order. At present, the city has launched the 110community service joint action network .Residents who have problems in social security, municipal management, transportation, business, labor, civil affairs, health and clectric power may seek prompt assistance by ,dialing telephone number 110.
Medical care
  There are 1001 medical and health institutions in the city, including the branches in factories, companies and residence communities, with 13,202 medical personnel, 9,993 hospital beds and modern medical equipment . The major health indices of local residents have arrived at advanced level for China. Shaoxing has been named many times as National Outstanding Health City. The city has completed basically the medical care system reform.
Social Security
  The city has established a unified social security system to provide endowment insurance, unemployment insurance and basic living cost guarantee.
Culture and Sports
  Shaoxing is the origin of Yueju Opera, the second largest opera of China following Peking Opera Local operas such as Yueju, Shaoju,Xinchang Diaoqiang and Shaoxing Lianhualao are popular to local residents. Such facilities and media organizations as museums, libraries, newspapers, radio stations and TV stations are highly available in the city .There are over 1,700 places with different sport facilities in the city to accommodate public sports activities as well as international and national games.
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