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Development Zone
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A survey of the lndustrial New City Zone

Zhejiang Provincial Government made a strategy of ¡° a practical and effective integration with Shanghai ¡±, In order to implement the great plan, Shaoxing city proposed a new plan of ¡° one belt, two axles and three regions ¡± for thIf knock,you will magnify the picturee development of Hangzhou Bay Shaoxing New Industrial Zone.
A: One Belt means: the north of new zone along the south of Hangzhou Bay.
B: Two Axles means: JiangBing Ecological Axle around the South of new zone, and the other is city Development Axle around the north of the new Zone.
C: There Regions means: Shaoxing Binghai Industrial Zone, Shaoxing Jiangbing Development Zone. Shangyu Fine Petrochemical Zone.
Hangzhou Bay New Industrial Zone consists of there parts:
1. Binghai Industrial Zone.
2. Jiangbing Development Zone.
3. Shangyu Fine Petrochemical Zone.

Binhai Industrial Zone
Located in the north of Shaoxing and covering an area of 100km2, Binhai Industrial Zone (BIZ) borders Cao¡¯e River in the east, connects Shanghai-Hangzhou_Ningbo Freeway in the south, neighbors Xiaoshan in the west and adjoins Qiantang River in the north. Formally inaugurated on June 27th, 2002, this is one of the largest industrial development zones in Zhejiang Province.
A close neighbor of Hangzhou and Ningbo, BIZ is only 4km from the entry to Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo Freeway, and enjoys unparalleled geographical position thanks to the air-land-sea three-dimensional communication network in its surrounding regions. The abundant land resources in BIZ will be conducive to the establishment of large groups of industrial projects, and with the development further afield and the upvaluation of the land, the BIZ will be an exceptional ¡°gold mine¡±.
Another giant step in the development by leaps and bounds of the county, BIZ will adhere to the concept of ¡°grand development, high starting point and high efficiency¡±, and aims to become a modern city featuring ideal industrial structure, beautiful ecological environs and outstanding service facilities. Businesses set up in the BIZ will enjoy pleasant investment climate and excellent services since the streamlined and highly-efficient BIZ administration is vested with full spectrum of powers, and can operate in a closed way and develop the zone pyramid-wise.
Overall Plan
The blueprinted area of BIZ total 100km2 of which phase one accounts for 23km2, where priorities are given to high-and new-tech projects and to the upgrading of traditional sectors such as bio-engineering, pharmaceuticals, chemical industry, printing and dyeing, electromechanical integration, electronics and IT, new materials and environment protection. Another focus will be on trade, commerce and services, real estate and high-tech agro-projects like sightseeing agriculture, ecological breeding and cultivation. The BIZ is divided into commercial center, industrial park, high-tech agricultural park and tourism area, and the industrial park is further divided into high-tech park, traditional industry-updating park and pharmaceutical & bio-chemical industry, textile printing & dyeing industry, chemical fiber material industry, bio-engineering, pharmaceuticals, meticulous chemical industry.
Guidance for Investment
Priorities being given to high-and new-tech sectors and to the updating of traditional industries, BIZ will function as a cross-century economic development area for Shaoxing, one of the top ten counties in China, where industries are heavily concentrated with cutting-edge technologies and the investment environment is a most perfect example.
The BIZ encourages foreign-funded, high-and new-tech and traditional industry-upgrading projects such as textile printing & dyeing, chemical fiber material, bio-engineering, pharmaceuticals and meticulous chemical industry.
Investment environment
Taking the international evaluation standards for investment environment as the parameter, the BIZ will try its besto create a nice investment climate and build all the functional facilities into a harmonic whole.
Power Supply: At present, there are in the BIZ one transformer substation of 110kv, two transmission lines of over 110kv, a 10,000-voltage transmission line operating with double circuit feeding. Binhai Transformer Station of 220kv has been located and ready for building, which will amply satisfy the needs of production of enterprises and the daily life.
Water Supply: With abundant water resources for industry, the BIZ is building a self-supply tap water plant. Water for daily life sources from A-class drinking water of Xiaoshunjiang River, water supply pipes having already been laid.
Heat Supply: There are in the BIZ one Tinma Heat & Power Plant of 15 tons/hour steam supply.
Roads: The construction of the Keqiao-Haitu Expressway has kicked off and that of the seven roads and seven bridges of phase one is in full swing. A communications network radiating to all directions has taken initial shape.
Telecom: Having hooked up with the first C4-class digital-controlled telephone net in Zhejiang Province, the BIZ can install 10,000 lines of program-controlled telephones.
Waste Water Treatment: In the BIZ there is a waste water treatment plant capable of handing 600,000t/d, the largest in China.
Marketing: Situated in the golden corridor of the Yangtze River Delta and adjoining the China Textile City¡ªthe largest textiles trading center in Asia, the BIZ will enable its businesses to have vis-a-vis contact with end-users and keep abreast of the latest information.
Human Resource: Universities and colleges as well as vocational training centers in Hangzhou and Shaoxing will provide enough technical personnel and qualified workers to enterprises in the BIZ.
Policy Backdrop: Vested with full power, the BIZ can operate in a closed way and protect investors¡¯ interests in everypossible way.
Quality Services
Authorized by the People¡¯s Government of Shaoxing County, the BIZ administration will exercise the county-level administrative functions. An efficient examination and approval center will be set up where red tape are cut, applications handled at one stop, projects examined and approved on the same floor, and fees collected at one counter. With ¡°first meet first handle¡± principle and ¡°service pledge¡±, the center will offer turn-key services to varied applications by investors, overseas and domestic alike.
JiangBing Development Zone
The zone is jointly invested by Shaoxing and Shangyu with the standard of ¡° complete plan, market operating and working Hard ¡±. And the new development model is being adopted.
A: Establish JiangBing Development Zone. make the whole construction process going harminously.
B: Establish mechanism of ¡°working hard¡± and accelerate the construction.
C: Establish mechanism of ¡° market development ¡±. In this principle, whoever will invest in the zone will benefit from it.Every county of Shaoxing to is encouraged invest in JiangBing Development zone with preferential tax policy.
Every county of Shaoxing to is encouraged invest in JiangBing Development zone with preferential tax policy.
Hangzhou Gulf Fine Chemical Zone
Located in the Northeast of Shangyu city, only 11km from the city,facing Hangzhou Gulf, and connected to Shangyu Port. The total layout property is 20 square km, is one of the four production base of Zhejiang Province. First Installment has been in use, the second one is in planning and construction.
The rapid growth of chemical industry of Shangyu has established its leading-role of the city industry. With a fixed asset of 15billion yuan, and output more than 30billion yuan, with 162 various chemical enterprises, it has formed six main industry fields of fine chemical,pesticide chemical, daily use chemical, dye chemical, petrochemical industry, and chemical auxiliary. The city government has issued the strategy to further rapid development of Shangyu Fine Chemical Industry Zone and authorized it as the major focus within the next five years.
Great Advantages
Hangzhou Bay on its north, Shangyu Port close by, from which connecting to all the major ports around the country,and 2500ton cargoes can go through all year around. Especially with the opening of Shangyu Port in the beginning of 1997, the throughput has been increasing continuously. With an expected 240,000ton of goods throughput by this year, it ensures the
transportation of the necessary material used for production.
Environmental Capacity Advantage
Close to Hangzhou Bay, whose astronomical tides are well-known, with large pieces of tideland around, without villages around and stable wind direction all through the year,without affecting the inland habitants and harvest, all these are in favor of centralized Pollution Dispose.
Natural Source Advantage
With 313,000mu tideland£¬rich natural resources, and competitive land prices. SYFZ enjoys an abundant fresh water supply
with drainage river, central river, and surrounding river around.
Industry Advantage
After years' innovation of the industrial structure, chemical industry has become the main branch of the city economy. The disperse dyestuff from Runtu Group and Longsheng Group are very comparative in the global market. Meanwhile, abundant technical force and human resource, special research origination and long teclose cooperating relationship with major universities and institutes ensure great potential for further development of chemical industry of Shangyu city.
ughput by this year, it ensures the transportation of the necessary material used for production. .
Preferential Policy
Regarding it as the major part of the city economy development, the Government pays high attention to the development of our plant, and has carried out various favorable policies in investment, tax, land, water and electricity to prompt the development of SYFZ.
Community service
We can provide you with the complete community service, such as bank, post, communication, public transportation, entertainment etc, it will satisfy your requirement to product & living .
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