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1>.Certificate of Force Majeure

2>.Legalizing Foreign-Trade Documents

 for settlement of exchange in banks
for clearance of customs or the others in Foreign Trade:


<1>Certificate of Force Majeure

The CCPIT has been issuing certificates of force majeure since the early 1950s, which are applied by Chinese parties to contracts who have encountered unexpected events such as fires, explosions, or earthquakes and want to be exempt from performing the contracts.

The certificates of force majeure issued by the CCPIT/CCOIC which have won authority and reputation internatinally, are prepared by experienced legal experts together with experts in the special fields concerned on the basis of facts and fairness, using the law as the criterion.


Legalizing Foreign-Trade Documents

<2-1> DOCUMENTS for settlement of exchange in banks

(1) Commercial Invoices
(2) Certificate of Quantity
(3) Packing List or Weight of Goods
(4) Bill of Lading
(5) Certificate of Transportation, such as Certificates of the Shipping Company, Certificates of the Ship's Nationality, Certificates of the Vessel's Age
(6) Insurance Policy
(7) Inspection Certificates, Quality Certificates
(8) Certificates of Slaughtering
(9) Other documents or commercial bills used for settlement of exchange

<2-2> Documents for clearance of customs or the others in Foreign Trade:

(1) Commercial Contract, Agreements,Price List,Proforma Invoice,Freight Invoice
(2) Certificates of Assignments of Commercial Contracts or Agreements
(3) Powers of Attorney or Letters of Authorization
(4) Business Licenses
(5) Certificates of Change of Name or Address of Company
(6) Articles of Association
(7) Certificates of Bank Credit
(8) Business certificates, such as certificates of Registration of Agrochemicals, Certificates of Engineering, Certificates of Sales, Certificates of Analysis, Test Reports, ect.
(9) Documents of Financial Qualifications used in foreignrelated commerce, such as Report on Examination of Assets, Audit Reports, Balance Sheet, Statement of Profit and Loss, etc.
(10) Business Letters, Telex, Fax
(11) Certificates of Intellectual Property, such as Certificates of Trademark Registration, Patent Certificates and Assignment Agreements or Licensing Agreements of the same
(12) Translations of commercial documents
(13) Other commercial documents

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