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Certificate of Origin
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Attestation of Improvements in the Format of
Certificate of Origin Issued by CCPIT
To whom it may concern:
Authorized under Regulation of the People's Republic of China on the Origin of Import and Export Goods (effective as from Jan.1, 2005) and other relevant PRC laws and regulations, China Council for The Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT thereinafter) issues certificates of origin (CO thereinafter) for Chinese exporting companies upon applications.
We are very pleased to inform you that we have formally joined the ICC WCF International CO Chain in May 2013. We will make necessary improvements in the format of COs, the details of which are outlined as follows:
1. A Quick Response Code will be printed on the upper right part of the CO. The detailed information regarding the issuance of a specific CO can be obtained by scanning the code.
2. An International Quality Label will be printed on the upper right part of the CO, indicating a unique reference number assigned by ICC WCF to CCPIT which confirms for customs and business alike that CCPIT's issuance procedures conform to those outlined in ICC WCF International Certificate of Origin Guidelines.
3. An Anti-counterfeiting Label with blank grey shading will be printed in Box 5. The word FORGED will appear in the shading in case of any attempted photocopy.
4. The Query URL (i.e.  ; will be printed in BOX 5. The detailed information regarding the issuance of a specific CO can be inquired by visiting the website and entering the serial number which will be automatically generated and printed on the top of the CO.
5. The contact information of the certifying authority (i.e. CCPIT's headquarters or its local branch) will be printed in Box 12.
We firmly believe that the above-mentioned improvements will bring reassurance to business, traders, banks and Customs administrations that COs are issued according to internationally accepted best practice. Therefore, we assure you that the COs with the new format will be duly and scrupulously issued by CCPIT and are equally authentic.
For any further information on CCPIT's CO service, please do not hesitate to contact:
Query site:   ;
Address: Floor 3, CCOIC Building, No.2 Huapichang Hutong, Xicheng District, Beijing, 100035
Tel:861082217032   Fax:861082217099-7111

Best regards
Legal Affairs Department, CCPIT


What is a C.O. of P.R. China ?

The Certificate of Origin of the People's Republic of China (Certificate of Origin) is a document certifying that the origin of certain goods being exported is the People's Republic of China,i.e. the goods being exported is either a natural product of China or a product that has undergone its main and last manufacturing or processing in China, which makes a substantial transformation in the shape, characteristics, form or applications of the main raw materials used.

As one of the issuing organizations approved by the government, the CCPIT/CCOIC started issuing certificates of origin in the early 1950s. With its experience of more than forty years and its fairness and accuracy, the CCPIT/CCOIC has been providing prompt and efficient service to Chinese export enterprises.

As stipulated in the Rule of Origin of China, the CCPIT/CCOIC is one the issuing organizations of Certificates of Origin. Therefore, enterprises that are legitimately established in China and enjoy the right to engage in foreign trade, enterprises engaged in "processing of supplied raw materials", "processing according to supplied samples", "assembling of supplied components", and "compensation trade", and enterprises with foreign investment may, as needed, come to the CCPIT /CCOIC, or its branch offices over China, to apply for Certificates of Origin.

For goods processed or assembled wholly, or partly, with imported raw materials and components, or foreign goods re-exported from China, for which a Certificate of Origin of the People's Republic of China cannot be issued because of not being in accordance with the Rule of Origin of the People's Republic of China, the exported enterprises may apply for a Certificate of Processing, or Certificate of Re-Export with the CCPIT/CCOIC.

 USER MANUAL for fill in all items


Name, Address, CHINA ( "VIA" + middleman)

No blank!

3.Means of transport and route

4.Country/Region of Destination
Final destination

5.For certifying authority use only
Stamp of Issued restrospectivity
Stamp of Chamber of Commerce
Stamp of replacement
Type head and or contact information of us

6.Marks and numbers
No blank!

7.Number and kind of packages;Description of goods
for example :

8.H.S. Code: 4-8 Digits usually.
for example : 6205; 5407

for example : 14808DOZS; 120000YARDS

10.Number of date of invoices
No Blank!

11.Declaration by the exporter
Place and date; Signatures and Stamp of authorized signatory

Place (issued at Shaoxing): "SHAOXING";or "SHAOXING, CHINA";or "SHAOXING ZHEJIANG, CHINA"
Date: for example, AUG. 18, 2008
Signatures :
Stamp of certifying authority: stamp of CCPIT (ZHEJIANG)

Nonstandard  C.O. for special requirements:

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